At Wash Lab Denim, we know this: Denim, real, premium denim, makes your life better. Denim makes you feel free, confident, and fun - jeans, jumpers, tops, skirts, and everything in between, that you live all life’s adventures in, big and small. Denim has to Fit exactly like it was made for you. It has to have Touch - that soft, always feels good on you quality of material. And Style. Just the right cut with the right effect – the perfect combination of cute, sexy and sophisticated. Standard Grace Inc., the parent company of Wash Lab Denim, knows this is the only way to design and produce the best Denim you’ll ever own. We live it, and love it. And we’re excited for you to live, and love, in Wash Lab Denim. Wash Lab Denim. Denim to live in.