Three best friends — a designer with her own, iconic label, a master of textile production, and an innovative logistics professional, all living in New York City — were tired of the status quo they’d encountered in the fashion industry. Uninspiring. Soulless. Impersonal. So they set out to bring ultra-high quality, classically styled, timeless designs to the marketplace, all based on a simple formula: reject the archaic corporate structure their competition adhered to, treat customers with kindness and respect, produce clothing with the lightest impact on the environment possible, and, most importantly, make things that make women feel good about themselves. They’re proud of Wash Lab — the denim branch of Billy T — and the loyal following both brands have attracted. They receive countless compliments from both buyers and clients who support the Wash Lab and Billy T missions— encouragement that inspires them, each and every day. They feel it’s a privilege, not a right, to be able to share their brand with the world. So thanks for being a part of the Wash Lab community, without you, there is no “us”!